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    Eliminate Fire Hazards from your Home

    Fires are the third leading cause of fatalities in the United States. Deaths and injuries due to home fires are preventable if basic fire safety rules are understood by both adults and children. Parents should take the time to develop basic instructions regarding fire safety and have a plan in the event of fire.

    If your home is without fire detectors, install them. These are available for purchase. If you already have detectors, check the Read More

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    Fire Prevention: What you Should Know?

    Despite the best efforts of fire fighters and fire prevention specialists, fires continue to destroy property and take lives every year. These tragedies and associated property loss can be eliminated with focused attention from individuals. Our homes and businesses are the places we spend the majority of our time. While schools, government buildings and major commercial areas are protected by fire codes, homes and small businesses rely on the cooperation of those who use the building. A little prevention can go a long way toward protecting family, employees, co-workers and property.

    First, we’ve all heard of the importance of fire detectors.Get more information here. http://ehssafetynews.com/2012/01/24/fire-prevention-news-weekly-roundup-january-23-2012/ This remains the most critical aspect of fire prevention. All homes should have an operating fire detector on each level. Bedrooms, kitchens, and basement utility areas must be included. Replacing batteries 2 times each year should become part of basic home maintenance. Many people remember to do this during major holidays, HomeSecurityTown.com/, Thanksgiving and Easter for instance. Many homes have switched entirely to battery-operated flameless candles in order to avoid the risks associated with open flames. Additional fire prevention methods should be implemented in the kitchen with safe cooking and grilling habits. Preventing fire needs to matter to the family.

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