When it comes to home security, one of the easiest solutions is to invest on a home security system. However, depending on where you live, your options can either be wide or limited. Rhode Island home security systems can be pretty good as well as many others, but that doesn’t really help you when you are living in Arizona, now does it? Well, you are sure to find home security businesses all over the country including Arizona, but if you are looking for a few other ways to secure your home, then you’re in luck because we made a list.

1. New Locks – Old locks can become feeble and are easy pickings for skilled lock picks. Consider changing out your locks every two or three years and, if you are buying a new home always change the locks.

2. Draw the Shades – When it’s time to go to sleep, consider drawing the shades. Don’t give criminals the opportunity to window shop.

3. Personal Firearm – Although a bit controversial, a personal firearm can help protect your home but you should make sure you receive professional training in the use. Also, if you have anyone else in the home, make sure you secure it.

And these are just a few ideas. If you want some more information, you can always contact your local law enforcement. They will be able to give you more insight on crime trends and ways you can best protect your home.