Fires are the third leading cause of fatalities in the United States. Deaths and injuries due to home fires are preventable if basic fire safety rules are understood by both adults and children. Parents should take the time to develop basic instructions regarding fire safety and have a plan in the event of fire.

If your home is without fire detectors, install them. These are available for purchase. If you already have detectors, check the batteries yearly. Do not play with matches. Children have a curiosity teach them early. Eliminate any possible areas of combustion like paint thinners around water heaters and be aware if you are cleaning paint spills with solvents in a small area where there is a water heater or open flame, the fumes are extremely combustible. If you have a fireplace or especially a wood burner, take a moment each burning season to make sure your flue is not blocked. Many people make use of common space heaters, do not leave them unattended especially if children are present. An area of concern that is often overlooked in the home is electrical outlets. Purchase and use safety coverings, again especially if you have small children. This simple fix keeps children from inserting objects into the outlets which can cause not only injury but also fires.