Crime is a problem that is increasing, and law-abiding citizens need to take preventative measures to discourage criminals from targeting your family and home. There are several tips you can implement to help secure your home. One of the easiest things to do is to install high-intensity security lights at strategic locations around your home. Good spots are doors, windows, backyards, and any entry point that is in the dark. Along the same lines is to NOT plant high shrubbery, plants, or trees near a door or window that will hide a criminal trying to break in. Always invest in the best door and window locks you can afford; some locks are fairly easy to pick, others are much more difficult for the average crook. Buying different security equipment is fairly inexpensive now. Some examples are motion detectors, infrared cameras for seeing in the dark, pressure plates at doors and windows, and miniature surveillance cameras. Digital technology allows for easy recording of your premises while away from home. Loud decibel alarms can also sound at the first instance of a break-in to your home, and criminals hate to be heard! And there is always “man’s best friend”, a guard dog that will alert at the presence of a stranger.